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Beautiful Earth - Solo Exhibition

The exhibition "Beautiful Earth" is on at the Parker Gallery, 90 Achilles Avenue, Nelson from 4 April to 25 April 2019.

In this solo exhibition, Juliet Best shares her love of New Zealand through a series of new paintings. Each work reflects her deep gratitude for our 'Beautiful Earth' - her art is the visual expression of her love for her family, her life and her home.

Juliet’s work is characterised by a rich palette of turquoise blues, greens and greys, featuring gold leaf to illuminate ridgelines and horizons. The gold accents allow the light to dance on the surface of her work, changing as the viewer moves around them.

Growing up in Lower Moutere, Juliet has a deep respect and love for the Nelson/Tasman region. She recalls fondly how her father authored a book on his birthplace in Appleby, recounting the history of Nelson's 'Best Island', which was named after his pioneering great-grandparents. For this reason, several works in the exhibition feature Nelson/Tasman & Marlborough landscapes, as places she holds near and dear.