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About Juliet Best

"The joy of expression - big swooping background moves of brush and paint over canvas, then careful respectful strokes for detail, letting the buttery paint slip and slide into the spaces it should fill.  To create something visual is a powerful handmade and heartfelt experience"

Juliet Best in her Art Gallery

Juliet’s latest paintings, which include her strong horizon lines and ongoing work with gold leaf celebrate the beauty and moods of New Zealand skies, landscapes and water.

Juliet Best lives by the sea in Island Bay and commutes to her gallery and studio in Shelly Bay, always observing and loving the ever-changing southern skies, sea and coastlines. She is very grateful for her daily journey to and from work and is often stopping and sketching or taking photographs.

Her extensive work with tapa cloth, gold leaf and texture mediums on canvas or wood panel shapes is an important part of her art practice. Her love of painting native birds, flora and fauna over many years is finding real maturity and evolving new and exciting directions.

Juliet has recently completed two very successful years as the resident guest artist with Air New Zealand in the Wellington Domestic and International Koru Lounges.

Her tapa cloth and gold painting, A Tapa Full O’ Manu, is featured in the Museum Art Hotel Wellington Artists Walk for permanent public display.

She is this year’s 2017 guest artist and speaker at the annual all-day Champions Lunch held at Te Papa.


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