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Matai-rangi Oriental Aroha - SOLD

Matai-rangi Oriental Aroha - SOLD


Size: 126 x 82cm
Medium: Gold-leaf, inks, impasto glazes on extra-deep canvas (6.5cm), ready to hang.

This painting celebrates the last of the evening sun with hints of magenta and violet in the shadows, and a great day overlooking our capital city! The view is inspired by the Mount Victoria skyline from Roseneath to the left,  through Oriental Bay, Mount Victoria in the middle and going right to the edge of the town belt.

Mount Victoria has two names which related to its role as a windswept lookout - Tangi-te-keo, "cry of the wind", and Matai-rangi, or "gazing towards heaven". The peak acted as a beacon to warn Wellington iwi of invading tribes - first a fire would be lit by sentries on the hills above Wadestown, then another on Mount Victoria to transmit the news. (Dom. Post - 2015.)

This painting is on display at Ora Gallery, 23 Allen Street, Wellington.

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