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Studio 151 - 2023 Christmas Show

Credit: WGTN REGIONAL NEWS - Alessia Belsito-Riera

Visual love letters

In the heart of Island Bay sits a beautiful, bright, double bay window art space called Studio 151. Normally the private studio of artist Juliet Best, from the 15th to the 23rd of December, Studio 151 is hosting a show alongside three guest artists in celebration of summer and the festive season.

The exhibition showcases a diverse range of artwork across disciplines from Best, Sarah Albisser, Judy Page and Jane Brimblecombe.

"We are all women who love creating and celebrating form, function, art, and beauty," Best says. A painter who captures the atmospheric beauty and moods of New Zealand's landscapes, she describes her paintings as "visual love letters to Aotearoa"

Albisser's background in dance has a powerful influence on her art, which translates form, feeling, and moments in time. By devoting herself to one theme, she can explore many techniques and materials.

A ceramic artist who sculpts, glazes, and fires her pieces from her Otaki property, Page is expressive and explores her love of horses in her work.

Brimblecombe primarily creates glass and mosaic art. Her "wall jewellery" maximises light and is informed by the sea, rhythm, Art Deco symmetry, and music’

Opening night on the 14" of December will feature live string music from Alex Hoare, Devyn Fowles, and guest cellist Sofia Sorensen.  A second opening on the 17" features the same live ensemble in addition to bubbles and nibbles.

Best hopes visitors enjoy the diversity of materials and narratives in this celebratory exhibition

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