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The End of an Era...

Jane Blackmore & Juliet Best would like to let you know that we are ceasing trading as Blackmore & Best Art Gallery and Studio from October 1st 2019

We both remain full-time practicing New Zealand artists and the closest of friends.

Juliet remains in Shelly Bay.

Jane moves on to Lyall Bay (a new building)

There are many reasons for change in life; - age, health, precious time with families, uncertainty around Shelly Bay, long business hours, other building opportunities, working weekends relentlessly for 8 years and so on...

Sometimes it's just time....

So at a practical level the studio in Shelly Bay, for now will remain as a studio and gallery, the trading hours will change a little, Juliet remains in Shelly Bay, Jane is taking over a new building in Lyall Bay.

The absolutely best thing you can do to keep up with where both fulltime artists are at is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We promise to post up changes regularly as they occur.

We have loved the many years, the long summers and even the freezing winters! We have loved a beautiful strong and excellent business partnership, we still love and will always have a beautiful friendship. And above all we must say how we love you! The people, the visitors, the other artists, our friends and family visiting, the other gallery and studio owners, the schools, the charities we have supported, the suppliers of products we need to run a business - all of you have been part of a most brilliant journey.

This is just change - we embrace it and hope you do too.

Love and Aroha

Jules (remaining in Shelly Bay) and Janey (in a new building in Lyall Bay)

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